Balcony and terrace floors

Balcony and terrace decking, weather-resistant

Wood is an ideal building material for outside areas. The ongoing exposure to an interplay of cold, heat, dampness and dryness calls for suitable types of timber, design measures and expert assembly.  Weathering turns wood grey – a natural process that can be slowed down but not prevented. We can offer you native conifers such as spruce, pine, larch or Douglas fir that are very good value for money. Native hardwood like oak and thermo ash is also well suited to outside areas.

Wooden floors for outdoors (PDF)

Balcony decking spruce (CH)

Techn. dried (KD), planed, longitudinal edges chamfered, clipped

Balcony decking larch (Europe)
Air-dried, knotty, visible side sapwood-free, planed,
longitudinal edges chamfered, clipped

Balcony decking oak (Europe)
Air-dried, practically flawless, almost knot-free, planed, rift sawn/half-rift sawn, longitudinal edges chamfered, clipped

NEW: Balcony decking thermo ash (Europe)
Oven-dried, N1 quality, practically knot-free and flawless, planed on all sides, longitudinal edges rounded, clipped

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