Structural and civil engineering

Wood products for structural and civil engineering

Wood continues to be the material of choice for scaffolding boards, formwork material or barrier slats. Our products have proved their worth on building sites for decades. You are given a full range for formwork activities. The barrier slats can also be supplied with your company logo.

Scaffolding boards (PDF)

Scaffolding boards spruce/pine (CH)

Fresh, rough sawn, with one-way slats, stacked, clipped on both sides

Formwork material (PDF)

Formwork square timber spruce/pine (CH) Fresh/slightly dried, rough sawn, with one-way slats, stacked, clipped, other lengths clipped to bundle format


Formwork boards spruce/pine (CH)
Techn. dried (KD), planed on all sides, clipped


Formwork panels spruce
3-ply boards spruce 27 mm


Formwork girders spruce
Flanges in spruce, crosspiece in 3-ply board, with end reinforcement


Chamfer strips
Abachi, bundled in 40 units


Hardwood wedges
Wedge hardwood, sacks with 100 units

Barrier slats (PDF)

Barrier slats spruce/pine (CH) Techn. dried (KD), planed, clipped, rounded edges, with Krallix front fitting, painted white-red


Also available with company logo/company name

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